Meet Aaron Tsai -
Aaron Tsai

Aaron Tsai

Founder, Chairman and Chief Capitalist MAS Capital Universal Exchange Inc.


Aaron Tsai is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Capitalist of MAS Capital Inc., MAS Capital Universal Exchange Inc., and MAS Capital Fintech Inc.

He is also the Chief Capitalist of UDAX. Since 1995 Mr. Tsai has advised over 30 companies worldwide, in going public in the U.S. stock markets via IPO and reverse merger transactions.

Mr. Tsai is known on Wall Street as “King of Shells”, as he created 101 public shell companies in the 1990s. October 29, 1999, the Wall Street Journal article said that Mr. Tsai “… is at the leading edge of a resurgence in “blank check,” or shell, companies …” Mr. Tsai was the Chairman and CEO of MAS Capital Securities, Inc. from 1999 to 2002.

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