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Aankur Bhatia

Aankur Bhatia

Executive Data Scientist IBM


Aankur Bhatia is an Executive Consultant Data Scientist with IBM Security services and the Global Consulting Leader for Security Big Data Analytics. He is responsible for delivering Security Analytics, AI- Security solutions to IBM clients worldwide. He has international experience working in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia and delivered over 50 client engagements. He runs the AI - Security guild for IBM Security and Holds Nine (9) patents in applying Machine Learning to security analytics with each patent supported by an IBM product/ offering. He is also the author, inventor, and developer of many IBM analytical tools including the 'Advanced Threat Disposition Scoring (ATDS)', 'Advanced Rule Analytics', ‘Cyber Risk Evaluation Quantification’ tool, ‘Unified Financial Tool’ for IT Optimization & Rationalization and ‘Anchor’ tool for Server Consolidation.

Aankur has over 2 decades of experience including consulting, engineering, offering development and pre-sales solutioning. Consulting experience includes understanding client requirements and developing machine learning solutions, analytical frameworks, and performing strategic, risk, financial analysis using data science and advanced analytics techniques. His core strength lies in analyzing and modeling both structured and unstructured data using advanced statistical methods and implementing algorithms to solve client business problems. He is proficient in data mining tasks and building prediction models using both deep and shallow learning techniques.

Aankur is an expert in applying the deep learning stack including RNN, CNN, Auto Encoders, GANs, RBM, Recommendation Systems to solve real-world Cyber Security problems. His recent work (Advanced Rule Analytics) uses RNNs to predict SIEM rule alignment to Mitre and NIST category frameworks allowing clients to know their security detection and monitoring coverage.

Aankur eats technology for dinner and has taught himself the Hadoop ecosystem, Elastic Stack, Docker, Kubernetes container technologies. He is proficient in deploying ML models and tools to all cloud platforms including AWS, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure using the CI/CD pipelines.

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