Meet Luke Jones -

Luke Jones

Co-Founder and CEO Fortifex


Luke Jones provides the best possible solution for individuals and businesses to navigate the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He would like to see both individuals and business adopt this technology in a more seamless and lower risk environment.

He worked as a Stockbroker, commodities trader, and in the listed mining space working to promote and connect miners with finance and investment. He has accumulated over 10 years of experience trading for him in the futures markets and know the best way to trade consistently is by using a consistent system that evolves with the traded market.

He has 18 years of sales experience of which 7 revolve around Finance and Investing. He has spent the past 5 years working in the construction and infrastructure space - in Advocacy, Finance, and Innovative Technology. He is also an experienced Business Development Consultant with strong sales and marketing acumen.

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