Off Chain 2020 –


A hands-on opportunity to learn about cutting edge technology. Join blockchain, cryptocurrency, and preparedness experts to learn about real-world technology applications that increase liberty and self-sufficiency.

Off Chain is where crypto, blockchain, preparedness, and self-reliance intersect. During this fun two-day event, you’ll learn how to use a wide range of technology to increase your privacy, gain freedom from government interference, and prepare for whatever the future brings.

Off Chain will feature multiple presentation formats including hands-on workshops, panels and individual presentations on a wide range of technology-related topics from crypto basics, to food preservation, self-defense, disaster preparedness, cybersecurity, and communications.

Technology holds the answers to today’s increasing concerns over privacy, freedom from government interference and alternatives to traditional banking systems. This exciting two-day event will feature presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops from passionate innovators who will show you how blockchain and cryptocurrency provide opportunities for developing new, decentralized methods for payment processing, identity management, transferring, storing and transporting wealth, and storing data. But Off Chain isn’t just a blockchain conference. We’ll also feature technology related to food preservation, self-defense, disaster preparedness, cybersecurity, and communications.

Off Chain will teach you how to leverage this technology to increase your own personal freedom AND self-reliance.


FEBRUARY 28 - 29, 2020
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