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Cyprus blockchain investment and networking event features Blockchain start-ups battling to be the winner of Cyprus’ ultimate Digital Startup Battle. At the same time, established companies will be competing to secure the funding of some of the world’s top capital firms. In the sunny city of Limassol, you’ll meet the people in charge of building a new, decentralized world.

Selected among a pool of applicants, competitors will face the scrutiny of some of the world’s greatest crypto-analysts. Battling each other on the fundamental characteristics of their projects, they’ll have access to every company’s dream: A pool of investors, ready to shape the future through blockchain.

Everyone’s a winner on this clash of titans. Be among our audience, get to vote for your favourite projects, and help investors fund the greatest!

Battle participation & booth are completely FREE!

For a great company, a successful ICO is just the starting line. Having secured their funding through the investors’ trust, now it’s time to deliver!

We’re creating the first-ever Post-ICO Battle in the world, so investors can continue to reward the projects that have made the biggest impact.

An expert panel, along with the community’s vote, will select the winners. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this ground-breaking moment!

Battle participation & booth are completely FREE!


FEBRUARY 19 - 20, 2019
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Known Speakers 12
Ticket Price €249 - €699 EUR
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