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Money20/20 is the home of the Money Revolutionaries, where we unite the entire ecosystem to create a simpler, fairer, faster and more inclusive financial system for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.

Money20/20 brings together those playing a key role in the movement to fundamentally disrupt and enhance every aspect of money. This past October, we united thousands of the most powerful, brilliant and pioneering innovators to collaborate, educate and drive the industry forward. By bringing these leaders together and onto our stages, we were able to ignite a revolutionary spirit lasting beyond the 4 days spent at Money20/20.

Here, the industry shared big ideas, launched new projects, formed partnerships, sought advice, sealed deals and broke boundaries. Through days of eye-opening sessions, discourse and initiatives, we unlocked our community’s potential and empowered our industry’s Money Revolutionaries to challenge the status quo and create the future of money.

At Money20/20 we’ll cover the important changes that are happening in the financial services value chain now and over the coming years to help decode where new opportunities and challenges are emerging. We’ll also cover new applications of tech in banking, such as those arising from advancements in AI, cloud and blockchain which can provide game-changing efficiencies in the front and back-office. There will also be coverage of the importance of maintaining and increasing the touch-point with customers through beautiful UX and CX and new sources of value arising from leveraging data to remain relevant and more personable in a brave new financial services world.

AI + Cloud + Blockchain + Quantum computing: How can you create game-changing solutions by combining these technologies?

Explore what happens when you take a holistic approach to leveraging technology. While many companies are experimenting with AI, machine learning, cloud, quantum computing and blockchain, removing silos and driving interoperability between these projects has the potential to create something truly transformational. How can these individual projects scale together and what will happen when they collide? What would a proposition that leverages the aforementioned technologies even look like? We’ll provide the very latest, cutting-edge thinking and early stage implementations to inform your company’s tech strategy and roadmap.


OCTOBER 27 - 30, 2019
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