CHAIN PLUS Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit 2019 –


In recent years, a large number of new technologies have caused turmoil in the field of games. Even though the commercial value of these technologies has not yet been verified, cloud computing, VR/AR, etc. have received unprecedented attention, and the blockchain is undoubtedly controversial.

The blockchain has natural advantages for the game industry. The decentralization, transparency, non-tamper ability, cross-chain trading, and token

incentives of the blockchain can improve the game industry problems, such as game mechanics and data opacity, economic system disorder, players can't own game assets and game assets can't transfer across different platforms.

As a result, the expectation of the blockchain is growing from the game industry, and the use of new technologies can make game companies take a different approach in the current downturn. On the other hand, the increasingly mature blockchain technology companies urgently need to find application scenarios, realizing the commercial realization of blockchain and touch user as early as possible.

Based on this, The Blockchainer and GMGC--Global Game Conference have joined forces to integrate the blockchain and game industry's resources to create the "CHAIN PLUS · Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit 2019 ", bringing the most cutting-edge industry development and insights, building a convenient and efficient communication bridge for the blockchain and game industry.


JUNE 17, 2019
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