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Gartner predicts the business value-add of blockchain will grow to around $176bn by 2025 and exceed to $3.1tn by 2030. This is a giant leap for a technology that, although developing fast, still has significant gaps in meeting business challenges to generate value. CIOs are under pressure to guide decisions on ‘if’ and ‘how’ they should implement blockchain, but struggle with how to apply this technology to meet new business challenges. Cryptocurrencies, themselves require a degree of financial and technical knowledge to understand.

But there is a growing focus on the business challenges that blockchain could solve and soon it will be able to show real business value, real-world applications and an ecosystem of organisations supporting it.

The primary focus of this summit is observing the world of blockchain and crypto-currencies by bringing to you the latest insights from visionaries, developers and experts as we connect founders, thinkers, and doers within the community and encourage conversation and collaboration.

With an impressive line-up of industry experts, we present perspectives across different industries by delving into the latest happenings, and discuss use cases such as:
- Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Markets
- Digital exchanges – digital tokens, fiat and stable currency
- Regulatory aspects
- Crypto currencies – an exact measure of value
- Professional advice on the new age of investment
- Smart Contract Management and security
- Blockchain from the investor’s perspective
- Legal and fiscal aspects of investing in cryptocurrencies
- Blockchain to transform and improve customer experience
- Blockchain technology for banks
- Blockchain and the supply chain
- The future of Blockchain.


FEBRUARY 14, 2019
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Ticket Price 195 - 675 CHF
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