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Which opportunities beyond the crypto winter?

At the end of 2018, the crypto-bubble burst: the market price for cryptocurrencies began to suffer a downturn, leading to the severe devaluation of crypto-dependant projects such as ICO-funded projects. Much like the dotcom crash of 2000, the cryptocurrency market seems to have reached a phase of consolidation which will in the long-term isolate and reward viable use cases for blockchain and their native tokens. The purpose of this conference is to provide a critical assessment of the past in order to provide some perspectives on: 1) The future of blockchain technologies as an innovative force; 2) The future of cryptocurrencies and tokens; 3) The future of crypto-based business models (ICO etc.).

• In blockchain we trust(less): the rise and fall of blockchain governance
• Which use cases for the blockchain will endure?
• ICOs: after the funding wave, can we expect a litigation wave?
• Crypto opportunities for traditional financial actors and lawyers
• What opportunities remain after the ICO bust?
• Asset tokenization in Switzerland: where do we stand?
• AML compliance in crypto-to-fiat transactions
• Mapping out the regulatory landscape and the legislator’s next targets
• Exchanges, custodian & non-custodian wallets; opportunities for existing players?
• ETFs and bank-issued coins: towards institutionalization of the cryptosphere?


MAY 23, 2019
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